Toshiba C55 A5281 Review

Toshiba C55 A5281 Review

Toshiba C55 A5281 15.6 inch
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Toshiba C55-A5281 is an overall good laptop for anything other than the latest 3D games or heavy multimedia editing. It comes with enough memory to run a few things at the same time and plenty of storage to save your files. It is energy efficient with features to help save on power and its 15.6 inch screen is ideal for portability.

Processor is the Intel Pentium 2020M at 2.4 GHz speed and 2MB Cache. Memory is a 6GB DDR3 SDRAM and the hard drive is a 750GB Serial ATA at 5400 RPM rotating speed to help you work efficiently on your daily tasks. It comes with the Windows 8 operating system pre-installed and it is not as bad as many people make it out to be and is actually quite nice to use with its tiles allowing you easy access to your most commonly used apps, programs and documents.

15.6 inch HD LED backlit diagonal display at 1366x768 pixel resolution at 16:9 cinematic ratio supports 720p content. 'LED backlit' factor makes it use less energy and last longer. So the image quality is quite good. The only thing we are not sure about this laptop is its audio quality and built-in speakers: Sound is a little on the tinny side but you could easily fix it by getting extra speakers. After all, you're getting great features at a low price with this computer.

Toshiba C55 A5281 Review
Keyboard is a standard US keyboard with 10-key numeric keypad and a touchpad with multi touch control. 10-key pad lets you do fast data entry and is good to have for gaming commands. 6-cell battery offers up to 4.5 hours in normal use on Windows 8, so it is not bad at all. This is an Energy Star qualified machine like 93% of Toshiba portable PCs.

Satin Black in Trax Horizon Toshiba C55's weight is 5.3 pounds, so it is easy to take anywhere with also its 15.6 inch screen. Cooling fan is on the side rather than at the bottom so it does not get warm easily. Connectivity options include HD Webcam and Microphone, 10/100 Ethernet LAN, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Wireless, RGB port, HDMI output port, 1-USB (3.0) port, 2-USB (2.0) ports and a Memory Card Reader.

Conclusion: You have the Toshiba brand here, so you know the quality you are getting. C55-A5281 is a good all rounder equipped with exactly what you need when you are working on your daily tasks at school, work or home. It is a well made and durable machine that should last you a while, energy efficient, fast and powerful. You'll be fine with anything other than the advanced games and full-on memory requiring editing programs. Definitely recommended at its current price if its features are along the lines of what you're looking for in a notebook.

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