Dell Inspiron 3030 Desktop with Intel i7-14700, 16GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB SSD, UHD 770 GPU and Windows 11 Pro, ‎i3030-7738BLU-PUS Review

Dell Inspiron 3030 Desktop with Intel i7-14700, 16GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB SSD, UHD 770 GPU and Windows 11 Pro, ‎i3030-7738BLU-PUS 
Dell Inspiron 3030 Desktop - Intel Core i7-14700 Processor, 16GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB SSD, Intel UHD 770 Graphics

The powerful and versatile Dell Inspiron 3030 Desktop is designed to meet the demands of both business professionals and everyday users. This desktop stands out with its performance, connectivity, user-friendly design, and many advanced features. With a 1TB SSD, 16GB of DDR5 RAM, and the newest Intel Core i7-14700 processor, the Inspiron 3030 delivers remarkable speed and efficiency. With its integrated Intel UHD Graphics 770, this desktop is perfect for multitasking, work, and entertainment. It also guarantees fluid images for a wide variety of programs. The Inspiron 3030, which runs Windows 11 Pro, offers improved productivity, security capabilities, and a sturdy and dependable platform for all your computing needs.

Design and Build 

The modern and stylish design of the Dell Inspiron 3030 Desktop makes it easy to integrate into any home or workplace setting. This desktop looks great and saves room thanks to its Mist Blue color and small 14.7L chassis. It is lightweight and compact, measuring only 11.53 x 6.06 x 12.77 inches, and weighing about 15.07 pounds, yet it packs a punch. Robust construction and high-quality, premium materials guarantee longevity. It is the perfect option for consumers who require a powerful laptop without sacrificing space or style, thanks to its well-thought-out design.

Powerful Performance

The Intel Core i7-14700 Processor, which has 20 cores and 28 threads and speeds ranging from 2.1 GHz to an astounding 5.3 GHz, is the brains behind the Inspiron 3030 Desktop. The desktop’s ability to do a variety of tasks, from simple computing to more complex programs like photo editing, video rendering, and multitasking, is ensured by this processor. It has an impressive average CPU Passmark benchmark multithread rating of 44803 at the time of this review. Users can anticipate smooth and responsive performance even while running numerous applications at once when paired with 16GB of DDR5 RAM working at 5600 MT/s. The Inspiron 3030 is a strong desktop competitor thanks to its mix of CPU and RAM, which significantly increases productivity for both personal and business use.

Storage and Connectivity

The large storage capacity of the Dell Inspiron 3030 Desktop is one of its best features. With its lightning-fast read and write speeds, the 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive (SSD) ensures speedy startup times and instant access to files and apps. For the majority of users, this big storage capacity is more than enough for installing many applications, keeping up a sizable media library, or storing large files. The desktop also has multiple connectivity choices, such as DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 1.4b, four USB 3.0 ports, and four USB 2.0 ports. These ports offer lots of ways to attach external storage, numerous monitors, and peripherals, which improves the system’s overall usability and versatility.

Graphics and Multimedia

While not designed for high-end gaming, the Intel UHD Graphics 770 that comes with the Dell Inspiron 3030 Desktop is more than capable of handling daily activities and some light gaming. Basic graphic design chores and high-definition video playback can be easily handled using integrated graphics. An upgrade to a  dedicated GPU can be required for customers who need more powerful graphics performance, including for 3D rendering or intense gaming. Nonetheless, the majority of users will find the Intel UHD Graphics 770 adequate, which makes this PC a well-rounded option for everyday usage, video consumption, and light creative work.

Enhanced Productivity with Windows 11 Pro

Dell Inspiron 3030 Desktop - Intel Core i7-14700 Processor, 16GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB SSD, Intel UHD 770 Graphics Back Ports

The Inspiron 3030 Desktop, which runs Windows 11 Pro, provides a contemporary and safe operating system that boosts productivity. Improved security protocols, a simplified UI, and AI-powered multitasking are just a few of the improvements found in Windows 11 Pro. Windows 11 Pro is a reliable option for corporate settings because organizations utilizing its devices claim a notable decrease in security incidents. The operating system is built with features like virtual desktops and Snap Layouts to facilitate seamless task and application switching. These improvements, along with the Inspiron 3030’s robust hardware, provide a seamless and effective user experience, whether you’re handling everyday chores or working on challenging projects.

Customer Feedback

The outstanding performance and reliability of the Dell Inspiron 3030 Desktop have been highly praised by customers. Many customers appreciate the Intel Core i7 processor’s remarkable speed and efficiency, pointing out that it manages demanding apps and multitasking with ease. The smooth and responsive desktop performance is often attributed in large part to the 16GB DDR5 RAM. Customers value the 1TB SSD’s quick file access and short boot times, which greatly increase productivity. Another feature that gets a lot of appreciation is the desktop’s small and elegant form, which fits in nicely with a variety of home and business environments without taking up too much room. Customers are generally pleased with the Inspiron 3030’s sturdy build quality and attractive design, making it a decent option for both everyday and professional use.

However, some users have pointed out that for more graphics-intensive tasks, such as high-end gaming or 3D rendering, the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 770 might not be enough. For casual gaming and daily use, the graphics performance is sufficient, but for more demanding applications, a dedicated GPU may be necessary. A couple of customers have also noted that, despite being in plenty, the USB ports might be arranged more neatly for simpler access. Even with these small negatives, the reviews are still very good, with many people praising Dell’s Onsite and Migrate services as well as its customer assistance. These services have proven especially helpful for consumers moving from older computers, assuring a hassle-free and seamless transfer of crucial files and data.


To sum up, the Dell Inspiron 3030 Desktop is an excellent computer that shines in terms of both performance and design. It is robust and versatile. Its combination of a 1TB SSD, 16GB of DDR5 RAM, and the newest Intel Core i7 processor guarantees that it can easily perform a variety of jobs, from daily computing to more demanding apps. Its elegant and small form fits in well with any setting, and its sturdy construction guarantees durability. This desktop computer has sufficient storage and a range of connectivity choices, making it suitable for the majority of users. For everyday use, the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 770 offers sufficient performance; however, those with more intensive graphics needs might want to think about investing in a dedicated GPU.

All things considered, the Dell Inspiron 3030 Desktop is a great deal for the money and a wise purchase for both home and business use. Its appeal is further enhanced by the addition of Windows 11 Pro and Dell’s Onsite and Migrate services, which give consumers a safe and effective computing environment. If you’re looking to replace an outdated desktop computer or upgrade, the Inspiron 3030 is a dependable and powerful option that will satisfy your demands.

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