Infocus kangaroo mobile desktop pro

InFocus Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro Review

Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro (MD2B, HD1B)   Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro (MD2B, HD1B) is promoted as the smallest portable desktop computer in the world and is the upgraded ... Continue Reading →
Mac OS X El Capitan

New Apple Mac OS X El Capitan Review

About the Latest Mac OS X El Capitan OS X El Capitan is the latest tidier and snappier version of Mac OS X still keeping the same great features of the previous version OS X Yosemite ... Continue Reading →
Desktop PC Buying Guide

Desktop Computer Buying Guide

Things to Watch Out For When Buying a Desktop Computer On this page we’re going to cover some of the main aspects of choosing the right desktop computer with the right configuration ... Continue Reading →
Dispose of Old Electronics

How to Properly Dispose of Old Electronics

 Getting Rid of Old Electronics Properly   Electronic products and technology change constantly at speeds we can’t even follow and it is often the case that soon after you ... Continue Reading →
laptop computer buying guide

Laptop Computer Buying Guide

Almost all laptops look similar on the surface. But when you look at them more in detail, it gets obvious that functionality and hardware differ significantly from one type to another. ... Continue Reading →