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about us

First of all, thank you for visiting and exploring my website.

Having lived in different cities in different continents from early childhood, from Istanbul to Sydney to Buenos Aires to London to Melbourne to Florence and more and having worked in different industries, I got the chance to find out about different cultures, cuisines, ways of doing things and certainly had the chance to look at life from different perspectives.

I have a bachelor and two masters degrees in business, management and finance and worked in the corporate world for 12 years, in supply chain, finance and IT. And I learned quite a bit about different computer systems as well.

Computer technology has always been one of my greatest passions, from the era of Commodore 64 and early PCs : ). As I tend to know quite a bit about IT, I quite often get computer related questions from friends and family.

It has always been fun sharing what I know with other people and when I decided that I wanted to take this to another level, this website- Computercritique.com came about.

Computercritique is mainly about helping you make the right decisions when you decide to buy a new computer. Here I’ll make sure that you have access to plenty of useful information on computer hardware, software, peripherals and accessories.

I don’t like talking too much about myself etc.. So I’ll stop here and let you visit other pages of my website.

Please feel free to contribute whenever you wish and provide feedback on how I can make this a better service to everyone.

Hope you enjoy your visit and thank you!


Computercritique.com Editor


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