Quantum Byte QS-1043-QB Fanless Windows Mini Desktop PC Review

Quantum Byte QS-1043-QB Fanless Windows Mini Desktop PC Review

Quantum Byte Mini Desktop
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Quantum Byte QS-1043-QB is a full-featured fanless design Windows 8.1 entry level desktop PC with a low price tag, very small form factor and quite decent specs and feature set. Small size (and the fact that it can be attached to the back of your HDTV) and the HDMI port enables it to be used comfortably as a media centre in your living room or a work station for users with different account log-ins and regular desktop with its quad core Intel processor for whatever you do on your Windows computer on a daily basis- chatting on Skype, streaming movies from the internet and letting you install any Windows apps you want but not very intensive tasks or multimedia editing- well it is very low cost!

Quantum Byte mini desktop is offered with the quad core Intel Atom Baytrail-T Z3735F processor at up to 1.83GHz from 1.33 GHz base speed with turbo boost but obviously no hyper threading, 2GB DDR3L SDRAM for sufficient multitasking- somewhat limited though so you can’t really have tens of browsers and apps open at once, 32GB Solid State Drive as storage for quick start-ups from zero and hibernation (no regular HDD) and that is expandable up to 128GB using a microSDXC/SDHC card and Windows 8.1 operating system as a decent platform for HD video streaming, working on spreadsheets and Word documents and smooth multitasking.

It doesn’t come with a screen and the graphics card is the low end Intel HD Graphics (Bay Trail) offering comparable performance to Tegra 4 GPU and is not suitable for majority of the latest game titles but you can play older games like World of Warcraft at lower settings without problems and stream videos on Youtube and Netflix in FHD 1080p resolution with sharp details and vibrant colours- will make it easy to watch your content without lags or stutters even buffering ahead as a decent media centre without getting warm and you have the convenience of having a full browser- you can choose to use Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or other browsers and having a browser over something like Roku is better as you’ll be able to make use of many legal streaming services which don’t offer apps for Roku.

Quantum Byte QS-1043-QB Fanless Windows Mini Desktop PC Review
Quantum Byte weighs 12.3 ounces and measures 5.91 x 1.47 x 4.06 inches so it is not bigger than a 3.5 inch external hard drive enclosure- looks like a smaller wireless router and is super portable for a desktop PC and it has no cooling fan or a regular hard drive that needs protection and hence works very quietly taking up next to no space on your desk offering you versatility- simply mount it at the rear of your TV. You will find the connectivity ports on the left and at the back: 802.11bgn wireless, 10/100M Ethernet with RJ-45 for wired connection, a VGA port, an HDMI port will let you connect it to your large screen HDTV or a monitor via a single HDMI cable for viewing great HD quality image, 3 x USB 2.0 ports for transferring data comfortably, a microSDHC/SDXC card slot and there is no DVD drive which you probably wouldn’t expect on a computer of this size.

Conclusion: Quantum Byte QS-1043-QB is an easy to set-up and use relatively powerful entry-level ultra mini Windows desktop (also called HTPC- Home Theater PC) with great features and a very low price tag. You just need to plug it into a HDTV or monitor and connect a keyboard and a mouse and you’re ready to go with your emails, social media or browsing the net. It is probably the smallest desktop you can have with this much power and functionality so it is great for how much it costs, comes with a good range of connectivity options considering how small it is, full copy of Windows 8.1, has a fanless design and runs quietly. On the other hand the internal storage size is small but fast and you can add a 128GB via the microSD, there is no monitor, mouse or keyboard included in the package- it is just the mini desktop PC that is great both as a media centre or a regular Office PC to handle your daily tasks efficiently and it is offered with a 1 year limited labor and hardware warranty.

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