Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet Review

Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet Review

Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet
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Compact but powerful new Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet (32 GB) offers great performance running Windows 8.1 while feeling no different to an Android tablet and paying great attention to detail.

Processor is the fast Intel Atom quad-core Bay Trail Z3740 Silvermont at up to 1.8GHz speed that offers great performance (almost like a desktop) and graphics capability, along with 2 GB DDR3L-RS 1600 MHz of RAM for sufficient multitasking and making it easy to browse the net and work on programs like Microsoft Office (Venue 8 comes with a complimentary copy). You have the option of choosing between 32GB and 64GB storage with a roughly $48 price difference.

Beautiful 8 inch HD IPS display at 1280x800 pixel resolution with wide viewing angles and multi-touch that allows you to navigate easily- pinching, swiping, sliding and tapping.. A few people can view the beautiful screen at the same time as it has wide viewing angles.

Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet Review
Dell Venue 8 includes a full-size SD card slot- Micro-SD Card Reader, Bluetooth 4.0 tied to wireless (you can easily connect to a compatible keyboard, mouse or Bluetooth speakers without using cords- with an HDMI-enabled display and a media adapter that you can purchase), 2x2 dual-band wireless 802.11n Wi-Fi and a Micro-USB charging. It has a 5-megapixel rear camera and a 1.2-megapixel front camera.

Grooved wave pattern Dell Venue 8 Pro weighs just 0.9lbs and is 0.35 inch thick. It offers 10 hour battery life- you can use it all day long.

Conclusion: Dell Venue 8 Pro is Dell's first 8 inch screen Windows 8.1 tablet and it is rather impressive with very useful features, connectivity options, front and rear cams, durable feel, a powerful processor, 2GB RAM, plenty of storage (32GB and 64GB options) and good looks. Well priced too for all that you are getting..

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