Dell Inspiron 17.3-inch i17RV-8183BLK Review

Dell Inspiron 17.3-inch i17RV-8183BLK Review

17.3 inch Dell Inspiron i17RV-8183BLK Laptop
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17.3 Inch large screen black Dell Inspiron i17RV-8183BLK notebook stands out with its notable display size and slim design.. It comes with the functionality you may need for your daily tasks: A speedy processor, little power consumption, a 10-key numeric keypad, a DVD Rom and a few useful connectivity ports, at a low price too.

Intel Pentium-2127U processor (2M Cache) at 1.9 GHz speed, 4 GB DDR3L 1 DIMM RAM at 1600MHz, 500 GB 5400 rpm hard drive, Windows 8 operating system.. All for a great performance and speed to carry out your daily tasks quicker and with better results. 500GB is generally more than adequate space for average computer users and same goes for the 4 GB memory to be able to run multiple apps and programs at once.

17.3 inch HD Plus WLED AUO with 1600x900 pixels max screen resolution LCD display and an integrated Intel Graphics Coprocessor delivers great image quality- sharp, clear and lively images, for movies or some games- you can play the latest games at lower settings and both movies and games will definitely be more fun on its larger than normal screen.

Dell Inspiron 17.3-inch i17RV-8183BLK Review
You may instantly synchronize your data and pictures to the web based cloud storage for quick and easy access from any device at whichever location. Windows 8 is actually quite all right with its user friendly tiles and it is well suited for different apps- some available on the Windows site.

Although it is a 17 inch laptop with a DVD drive, it is only slightly more than 1 inch thick with its 4 cell battery so it is relatively portable too, between different rooms or in your bag when you are on the go. Black matte Dell Inspiron looks very modern and stylish with its palmrest design and textured cover. It has an ergonomic keyboard with a 10-key number pad for easy data entry and calculations. You will find a total of 4 USB ports on the sides- 2 of each (USB 2.0 and USB 3.0).

Conclusion: The current price of the Dell Inspiron i17RV-8183BLK on Amazon makes it quite a bargain, considering it is a stylish, slim, light and portable 17.3-Inch laptop. High definition image quality at 900p is what will get your attention first as soon as you turn it on, then you will realise it is loaded with quite a few useful features that will make life easy for you every day.. You probably have to look very hard to find a 17 incher that is better than this Dell at how much it is right now. Great buy!

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