Dell E-Series E2414Hr LED Monitor Review

Dell E-Series E2414Hr LED Monitor Review

Dell E-Series E2414Hr LED Monitor Review
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Dell E-Series E2414Hr 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor is made to fit the regulatory and environmental standards and offers beautiful picture quality, nice design and solid build- reliability.

It is a widescreen high resolution (1080p) 24 inch display to help you get more from whatever you're doing on your desktop. Images are extremely clear and bright, colors are vivid and texts look sharp. The pure display of Dell Monitor has no flaws and supports a range of resolutions but it is very clear at the 1080p: The maximum resolution of this monitor is 1920x1080.

Dell E2414Hr includes a VGA cable and works straight out of the box. You should be able to connect it to your PC in a few minutes. If you are on Windows 8 or 8.1, there won't be any need to install any drivers, your system will recognize the monitor quickly.

It is lightweight and has even brightness and clarity across the whole screen. The image looks pretty good on 'standard mode' but you may want to turn up the contrast and brightness a little, depending on what you like but it will look clearer. It is probably one of the best monitors you can get at this price range.

Dell E-Series E2414Hr LED Monitor Review
24 inch screen Dell E2414Hr weighs about 9.88lbs with stand and has the dimensions of 16.47"(H) x 22.44"(W) x 6.46"(D). And with stand, it weighs 6.75lbs and has the dimensions of 13.29"(H) x 22.44"(W) x 1.83"(D).

Pros: *24 inch high resolution LED backlit display *Energy efficient as it is ENERGY STAR qualified* Quick response at 5ms *Beautiful colors, images and great text quality *The base is made of solid metal *Affordable price

Cons: *Viewing angles could be better *Body is not metal but more plasticy but you won't handle it much and it has a durable build anyway.

Conclusion: Overall, for the price the Dell E-series E2414Hr 24-inch screen is great. When you first turn it on, you may just need to adjust it to the full 1920 x 1080 resolution and the 60Hz refresh rate setting and make a couple of adjustments with brightness and contrast so that you get to see the best of it. Do check out the current discounted price on Amazon.

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