ASUS M32BF-US002S Desktop PC Review

ASUS M32BF-US002S Desktop Review

ASUS M32BF-US002S Desktop
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ASUS M32BF-US002S is a relatively fast and powerful desktop PC offering great performance for business, school or home entertainment with a mid-range AMD A8 processor, generous 8GB system memory, very large 2TB of hard drive at quick 7200rpm speed as well as a decent variety of connectivity options to work on spreadsheets, do word processing, play songs and videos and play older and some new titles at different resolutions but it is not a powerhouse gaming desktop by any means and you’re not paying that kind of price either.

ASUS M32BF has the 64-bit quad core AMD A8-5500 processor (4MB L2 Cache) at 3.2 GHz speed up to 3.7GHz with turbo boost function, 8GB DDR3 RAM (8GBx1) at 1600MHz, huge storage space- 2000 GB hard drive at 7200 rpm rotating speed for faster read and write times plus 32GB cloud storage for 3 years and Windows 8.1 64-bit operating system that is definitely better than the previous Windows 8 in case you’re worried and it gives you the option of more familiar Windows 7-like Start screen and Start button with a bit different left and right click functions.

The AMD A8-5500 processor has a Passmark benchmark score of 4031 and is a low power usage one with a TDP- thermal design power of 65 W so it is more of a case of economy over power when compared to similar priced CPUs but still reasonably quick and powerful so it is more of a case of optimisation for power savings and overall performance when needed, you get performance levels similar to an Intel i3-3220 so it is not bad at all for daily use and more- 8G of RAM definitely helps when it comes to running several apps and browsers simultaneously and contributing to a snappier overall performance. Hard drive also has faster read and write times than normal with the 7200 rpm spindle speed.

ASUS M32BF-US002S Desktop Review
AMD Radeon HD 7560D integrated graphics card will not offer the best gaming- the performance isn’t top notch but you will still be able to play many of the newer popular games at good frame rates and decent graphics performance for photos, videos and some multimedia editing. You get great true-to-life sound with Asus Sonic Master and 6 Channel High Definition Audio Codec. It comes with 2 Audio ports at the front and 6 at the back, a VGA port to connect to external monitors and an HDMI port to connect to large screen HDTVs with one HDMI cable for audio and video. It also has 4 x USB 2.0 ports, 3 x USB 3.0 ports, 24x DVD-RW Optical Drive, Gigabit Ethernet with RJ-45 connectivity, 2 memory slots, 10/100/1000Mbps LAN Gigabit Ethernet and 6-in-1 Card Reader.

Conclusion: Silver and red ASUS M32BF-US002S desktop has quite a unique design with a red footing and a shiny glossy black panel at the front top and overall smooth brushed finish. It weighs 18.3 pounds with measurements of 16 x 7 x 15 inches (unboxed), doesn’t come with a monitor but a USB keyboard and mouse. It works very quietly because of the Q-Fan cooling system. Asus computers are known for quality, sturdy build, functionality and great innovative design often ranked as number 1 choice of customers, delivering constantly what other computer companies can’t and often is the best brand to go for if you want a Windows desktop computer. If we evaluate the price to performance ratio here, you’re getting a pretty good deal for how much you’re paying, however this is not a major gaming desktop with the highest end processor or graphics card and it is designed more for performing daily tasks smoothly and act as a cheaper gaming PC that can still run many games at varying settings.

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