Apple MacBook Air MD760LL/B 13.3 inch Laptop Review

13.3 inch Apple MacBook Air MD760LL/B

Apple MD760LL/B is Apple's latest 2014 model 13.3-Inch Macbook Air with very fast 128 GB flash storage space. It comes with a Haswell i5 processor, great solid build, lower price, super long battery life, diagonal LED backlit display that supports millions of colours and improved graphics. It is still the special all-aluminium ultra-slim notebook though.


13.3 inch MacBook Air has a fourth generation powerful Intel dual core i5 processor at 1.4 GHz speed that moves up to 2.7 GHz with turbo boost and 3 MB shared L3 cache. System memory is a 4 GB RAM at 1600 MHz LPDDR3 that can be upgraded to a maximum of 8 GB. 760LL/B is the Mac Air model that comes with a 128 GB SSD for super fast boot-ups and overall performance, you can of course choose the 256 GB SSD for more storage space and even more speed. Even the 128 GB Flash memory model starts up as soon as you open the screen and you'll be surprised how quick all the apps and software launch.

Operating system is the latest OS X Mavericks, that is promoted as the best OS in the world and will help you get the best and most out of your Macbook. The battery life is up to 12 hours on a single charge in average use. It can be put to sleep for longer than three hours and can be left in standby for almost a month until it runs out of battery. Power Nap updates the whole system while it is asleep. It has 2 x USB 3.0 ports and a high speed Thunderbolt port for being able to connect to external screens and other high-tech peripherals. You'll find the newest iLife and iWork suites pre-installed on the Mavericks to make life easier for you. MacBook Air weighs just under 3 lbs and is only 0.68 inch thick (Dimensions of 12.8 x 8.94 x 0.68 inches).


Intel HD Graphics 5000 processor with 512 MB of GDDR5 memory offers better graphics when you're watching videos or playing games. Ultrafast 802.11ac Wi-Fi means way faster wireless performance and larger Wi-Fi range. You'll find 2 x USB 3.0 ports with 10 times faster data transfer than the normal USB 2.0 and a super fast Thunderbolt port that enables you to transfer data 20 times faster, works with DVI, VGA AND HDMI adapters, also supporting DisplayPort for high res display. For great sound, you have the stereo speakers, headphone port, dual microphones (the second microphone is for reducing the background noise) and the Air supports iPhone headsets with microphone. SDXC card slot, MagSafe 2 power port and 720p FaceTime HD camera are also included.

Conclusion: The new 13.3 inch MacBook Air with 128 GB Flash memory has quite a bit going for it, in terms of performance, speed, looks, durability, reliability, functionality, little energy usage and portability. 12 hour battery life surely makes a bit of difference for when you're out and about. OS X Mavericks, like the previous versions of Apple operating systems, is very user friendly with lots of apps and it is not claimed to be the most advanced OS on earth for no reason. Overall it is a great Macbook and should be preferred by those that favour very long battery life and ultra portability, if you're making a decision between a Macbook Air and Pro.