HP Portable 13.8″ HD IPS Laptop with Intel Celeron N Processor Up to 2.78GHz, 4GB DDR4, 64GB SSD Review

HP Portable 13.8″ HD IPS Laptop with Intel Celeron N Processor Up to 2.78GHz, 4GB DDR4, 64GB SSD  

HP Portable 13.8 HD IPS Laptop, Intel Celeron N Processor Up to 2.78GHz

With its Intel Celeron N Processor, the HP Portable 13.8″ HD IPS Laptop is marketed as an affordable choice without sacrificing performance. This refurbished device is powerful because of its useful features designed to fulfill daily computing requirements. It features an Intel Celeron N processor, a 64GB SSD, and a 13.8″ Brightview HD IPS display, providing a good mix of cost and functionality. Let’s examine its features, functionality, and value proposition in general.


Initial impressions are important, and the HP Portable Laptop lives up to expectations. It is quite portable due to its elegant and small design, making it perfect for professionals, students, and casual users alike. The pastel pink choice stands out from the sea of typical black or silver computers and offers a distinctive touch. The build quality feels unexpectedly sturdy, assuring in terms of endurance despite its affordable price tag.

Display and Graphics:

With a 13.8″ Brightview HD IPS display, the laptop offers clear images and brilliant colors. The 1366×768 pixel resolution may not be revolutionary, but it is more than sufficient for routine activities like online browsing, document editing, and multimedia consumption. When playing light games, viewing photographs, or streaming videos, the Intel UHD Graphics guarantee fluid performance.

Performance and Connectivity:

With its 4GB of DDR4 RAM and Intel Celeron N processor, which can run at up to 2.78GHz, the HP portable laptop easily manages daily computer chores. The laptop remains snappy and efficient whether you’re streaming media, surfing the web, or multitasking between apps. A 64GB SSD is included, which guarantees quick boot times and application launches. However, customers might find the storage space a little small for storing huge files or video libraries.

The laptop has a good range of ports for connectivity, including a headphone/microphone combo connector, two USB Type A, one HDMI, and one USB Type C. Furthermore, the inclusion of Bluetooth and lightning-fast WiFi improves adaptability by permitting smooth wireless connections to networks and peripherals.

Operating System and Software:

The HP Portable Laptop’s pre-installed Windows 11 operating system is one of its standout features. With Windows 11, users can enjoy a modern computing experience right out of the box thanks to its better security features, enhanced productivity tools, and fresh and intuitive user interface. Users, be they professionals, students, or casual users, may get started right away due to the inclusion of important productivity tools.

Customer Feedback:

Analyzing user evaluations provides insightful information about actual experiences using the product. The performance, dependability, and affordability of the laptop are praised in the majority of evaluations. Positive reviews emphasize its overall quality, superb graphics, and quick processing. However, a couple of users have expressed dissatisfaction with the package’s lack of a charger and cleanliness after opening it. Even though they are minor, these problems highlight how crucial careful quality control and comprehensive packaging are.


To sum up, the HP Portable 13.8″ HD IPS Laptop is a great choice for individuals on a tight budget looking for a dependable and adaptable computing solution. It meets a variety of computing tasks with its small size, bright display, nice performance, and easy-to-use interface. This reconditioned HP Portable Laptop offers a solid overall value offer—strong performance at a competitive price point, making it suitable for a variety of users, including students starting their academic journeys, professionals handling everyday responsibilities, and casual users looking for entertainment on the go.

Disclaimer: At the time of writing, this review was based on consumer comments and the information that was available about the product. The actual user experience and performance may differ based on usage patterns and external conditions. It is recommended that prospective purchasers carry out additional investigation and evaluate their individual needs prior to finalizing a purchase.

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