Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01US Review

Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01US Review

Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01US
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The new mobile and web-based Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01US is designed for everyone and is well capable of replacing your Windows laptop to do your everyday computing work easier and faster. It boots up in less than 10 seconds, updates itself constantly without you becoming aware, is able to run a few apps at the same time without lags or freezes.. It is designed for the perfect Web experience, while allowing you to work on your usual offline tasks.

Processor is the Samsung Exynos 5250 Dual Core at 1.7 GHz, memory is the 2 GB DDR3L SDRAM at 1333.00 MHz and the storage is the 16 GB Solid State Drive- not a traditional SATA hard drive + 100GB of Cloud based free Google Drive for two years, where you can keep all of your files and access on whichever device wherever you want.

You also get $150 value 12 free Gogo in-air internet passes that you can go online at 10,000 feet and can use in two years on domestic flights within US. You won't need to download any apps on your hard drive. System starts up in less than ten seconds and resumes from hibernation almost instantly and everything runs quickly and smoothly.

There is no anti-virus software that needs to be installed for Chromebook, which will help the system run even better and faster. You always get the latest version of the OS without you having to worry over it: It always updates itself automatically and keeps your data safe with the auto back-up function.

Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01US Review
It has an anti-reflective LED HD 11.6 inch display with 200-nit Brightness.. Although it is a small screen compact Chromebook, it comes with a full-sized keyboard optimized for Google Chrome operating system and a big and glass coated multi-touch touchpad with an image sensor, with which you can be in total control of things.

Silver Samsung Chromebook also comes with a variety of connectivity ports to make life easier for you. Although it has no optical drive (being such a slim and small machine- 2.4 lbs and 0.69 inch thick) it has an HDMI port, 1 x USB 2.0 port, 1 x USB 3.0 port, Headphone/MIC combo, 3W Stereo Speaker (1.5W x 2), 3-in-1 (SD/SDHC/SDXC) card reader, 0.3MP Webcam and dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi. Its Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery gives you more than 6.5 hours in normal use.

Verdict: Don't be misled by Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01US's size and low price tag. It is capable of delivering an amazing performance, speed and long battery life in this compact package. It works differently, has no fans or built-in large hard drives or any other moving bits and pieces: Runs very quetly and always keeps cool on your lap. It is very easy to set up as you don't need to install any apps or programs on it, unlike your standard Windows laptops. Now at a very competitive price on, do check it out!

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