HP ENVY 700-060 Review

HP ENVY 700-060 Review

HP ENVY 700-060 Desktop PC
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Black HP ENVY 700-060 desktop is designed for those that require lots of power, speed and memory, with its massive 10 GB DDR3 RAM and 2TB hard drive + 128 GB SSD along with a Haswell quad-core 6 MB Cache i5 CPU at 3 GHz speed. You are going to get the all the raw performance you want from it and more! Amazon has a nice 33% discount, down from $1200 too at the time of this review.

2 TB huge hard drive runs at 7200 RPM speed plus it has the 128GB solid state drive for very quick start-ups and high overall performance. 10GB RAM can be upgraded to 32GB if you need to but its current size is more than what almost all computer users will ever need. So you have a winner here in terms of both memory and hard drive size and speed.

More power, memory and specs mean more price, so if you need something simple to use for simple tasks, this desktop is probably more than what you may need, but you will get reliability and you won't need to change your computer for years to come. It is not very portable, naturally being a powerful desktop and it weighs 21.6 lbs with the dimensions of 16.71 x 6.86 x 16.29 inches.

HP ENVY 700-060 Review
You will get a mouse and a keybord included in price, but no screen so you can choose what you wish to use with the 64 bit version of Windows 8 operating system. We recommend a nice touchscreen to use the Win 8 properly and do upgrade it to Windows 8.1 for free on the Microsoft store.

Intel HD 4600 graphics card, powerful CPU and large memory mean you can play most games other than the latest 3D games on it, especially if you have a full HD screen, you're going to have more fun. But as this HP doesn't have a dedicated graphics card, we can't classify it as a gaming machine. 4th generation CPU has the turbo boost function that can take the speed up to 3.2 GHz and you will not have any problems working on very demanding memory intensive programs.

There is no HDMI port on this model but a DVI-I and a DVI-D output to be able to work on double screens, 6 x USB 4.0 ports for quicker data transfers, 4 x USB 2.0 ports and again a surprising 15 in 1 media card reader that supports any conceivable media card styles in the market, as well as 802.11BGN wireless and Gigabit Ethernet to connect to internet and Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to wireless devices easily.

Conclusion: HP ENVY 700-060 offers almost everything you need from a fast and powerful desktop. And despite all that power, it manages to run very silently consuming little electricity thanks to its 4th generation Haswell processor. We must add it is a very fine looking machine too, added to its build quality. So if you don't want to miss the great Amazon price for this great performer, do go ahead and check it out. Very highly recommended 5 star computer!

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