FICIHP P2 12’’ Portable Triple Screen FHD IPS Laptop Monitor Review

FICIHP P2 12’’ Triple Screen FHD Laptop Monitor

FICIHP Triple Screen 12’’ Portable Monitor Extender for Laptop

FICIHP P2 is a triple screen 12’’ Portable Monitor that is designed for use with the 13 to 16″ laptops through the USB Type-C or HDMI ports. It is a simple plug and play laptop screen extender with a Full HD 1080p resolution and IPS panel with up to 178-degree viewing angles.

There are two size options of 12″-1 and 12″ at around 100 dollars price difference at the moment. It is compatible with the Mac, Windows, Chrome, Android, Linux, Nintendo Switch and PS4, but not suitable for the Macbook M1 Pro or Air 2020, Mac Air 2007 or Dell XPS 13. Your laptop needs to have two USB Type-C ports, a USB-C port and at least an HDMI port. For use with phones you need to have a full featured Type-C functionality on your phone.

FICIHP P2 is quite portable as it weighs 5.59 pounds and measures just 20.5L x 14.8W x 14.8H inches. It is a simple plug and play laptop monitor that does not need any drivers and will support most operating systems. Please contact the seller or customer support to make sure it is compatible with your laptop model and size. And they will give you the detailed information you need. With the two additional external monitors on both side of your laptop you will have a multi-screen synchronisation, multitask efficiently and stay organised.

You have the 202-degree rotation and 180-degree presentation modes or the 3 displays placed at 45 degrees (inverted triangle modes). This way different people can share your content on the display with the multiple modes of kickstand, eye-care, presentation, landscape and portrait for your different needs. The 12-inch Full HD anti-glare display has the 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution, IPS panel with the 178-degree viewing angles, blue light filter for eye protection and adjustable brightness for avoiding fatigue when you look at the screen for long hours.

FICIHP Triple Screen 12’’ Portable Laptop Monitor

This Ficihp Laptop Monitor is easy to use with its scalable bracket and you can attach it to your laptop without needing magnets or anything else. And each of the two screens have their own adjustability and USB/HDMI/Type-C interfaces. The monitors are colorful, bright, rich and immersive and especially nice when you’re watching movies. The brightness, screen orientation, display settings and sound volume can be adjusted easily.

In the box you’ll find the Ficihp 12” Triple Laptop Screen Extender, 2 x HDMI Cables, 2 x Type-C Cables, 2 x Type-C-USB 2.0, a storage bag, a retractable bracket, a user manual and a packaging box. The Type-C port needs to provide both the power and video transmission for these displays to work. And if there is no data transfer you need to use a docking station for extending the HDMI port. You can also use an extra USB cable for powering the monitor if there is low voltage problem on the laptop. September 17, 2021 is the date it was first available at The average user rating is an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars by 60 customers at the time of this post release, indicating a good deal of customer satisfaction.

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