AOC CU32V3 32″ Super-Curved 4K UHD Monitor with 1500R Curved VA Panel Review

AOC CU32V3 32″ Super-Curved 4K UHD Monitor 

AOC CU32V3 Super-Curved 4K UHD Monitor

Black AOC CU32V3 is a 32-inch size 4K Ultra HD resolution 1500R super-curved monitor with a VA panel, 60Hz refresh rate, 4ms response time rate, 121% sRGB coverage and more. You have other options on the same product page, including the 27″ 4K UHD Flat IPS, 32″ 2K QHD Flat VA and 43″ 4K UHD Super Curved VA. 31.5″ of the screen on the 32″ AOC CU32V3 widescreen monitor is viewable.

All four models have an average customer rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars by 277 users at the moment. The 4K Ultra HD resolution represents 3840 x 2160 pixels. You get to see more accurate colors and at large viewing angles on the 1500R VA panel and is better for the natural curvature of your eyes- offers a more immersive experience. You also have the more realistic colors with the 90% Adobe RGB, 121% sRGB and 89.8% DCI-P3 super-color wide color gamut which is great for your graphics intensive tasks. It comes with the LowBlue mode to help decrease the blue light waves that could potentially harm your eyes.

The VA panel on this AOC Monitor is flicker free, which means it shows the video signal without any flickering backlighting. And you can enjoy comfy viewing without feeling any fatigue. For connectivity you have the two HDMI 2.0 outputs, a DisplayPort 1.2 and the Earphone Out port and you’ll get an HDMI cable included in the package. This great large curved monitor gives you flexible 100 x 100mm mounting options with the Vesa compatibility. And there is a Kensington Lock for keeping it safe from theft. This monitor doesn’t have the built-in speakers but an audio-out for hooking up external speakers or you can use the speakers of the laptop you connect to it.

Very high resolution of UHD 3840 x 2160 pixels ensure crystal clear images on this screen. You have a lovely subtle immersive experience with the super curved display that puts you in the center of everything. VA panel is not as good as IPS panel in terms of picture quality at larger viewing angles but much better than the TN panel and the colors are also very vibrant. This is a three-sided AOC CU32V3 Super-Curved 4K UHD Monitor VA Panelframe-less monitor that looks nice and modern, while allowing you to have two or more monitors seamlessly side by side with your cursor not getting lost in dark bezels. The Screen+ function is good for multi-taskers as it lets them divide the screen while working on different things.

Black AOC CU32V3 weighs 23.5 pounds and measures 27.9 x 20.65 x 8.1 inches. The maximum height for the stand adjustment is 23.75 inches and the shortest is 19.25 inches. It is easy on the eyes with its beautiful, sleek, frame-less design that makes it look a bit more professional. It is both an LED and LCD display as LED is for the new type of backlighting and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is for regulating the light that comes from the backlight for creating the images. If you’re getting lower refresh rates than the specs of the monitor, like 30Hz using the HDMI 2.0 connection, it is mostly to do with your older computer with the older graphics cards. If you’re getting 10 bits at 30Hz and 8 bits at 60Hz, you may want to try a higher spec cable. At the current price level it is one of the best value 32-inch monitors on the market.

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