Alienware AX51R2-5743BK Desktop Review

Alienware AX51R2-5743BK Desktop Review

Alienware AX51R2-5743BK Desktop PC
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Matte black Alienware AX51R2-5743BK is a compact desktop PC with superior performance, designed primarily for 3D gaming with its highly capable NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 graphics card and the 4th generation Intel i7-4770 processor. If you are on a large screen HDTV or a high definition monitor, it will yet you feel the thrill of the toughest game challenges. Of course the Alienware X51 is not just for advanced games, it is a very powerful PC that will handle any of your computing stuff very smoothly.

Alienware AX51R2 comes with a very high performance Haswell Intel Core i7-4770 (8MB of last level Cache) processor with turbo boost (3.4GHz speed goes up to 3.9 GHz) and hyper threading (for greater multiple threaded performance) functions, 8GB dual channel DDR3 RAM at 1600MHz/PC3-12800 for very efficient multitasking of programs, apps and multiple browser tabs, 1TB = 1024GB Serial ATA/600 hard drive at 7200rpm rotating speed and the 64-bit version of Windows 8.1 operating system that offers a good platform for all your computing tasks. You can easily upgrade the key components if you need more RAM or hard drive space and you can even add a Solid State Drive for faster boot-ups and greater overall performance.

You don’t get a monitor with the Matte stealth and dark chrome accents Alienware X51 but the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 with 4GB DDR3 offers the best full HD gaming experience if you connect it to a monitor or big screen TV and the Internal HD 7.1 Performance Sound with Waves MaxxAudio technology means immersive and rich sound for your games, videos or music. There is no Media Card Reader but a total of 8 USB ports- 6 of which are the faster transfer USB 3.0, DW 1506 802.11 b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth tied to wireless card, an HDMI port, Slot-Loading Dual Layer Multimedia DVD burner, Gigabit Ethernet with RJ-45, Audio Line In, Audio Line Out, Alienware Multimedia Keyboard and an Optical Mouse.

Alienware AX51R2-5743BK Desktop Review
Despite being very powerful, Alienware X51 is quite a compact system with dimensions of 19.25 x 20.63 x 8.39 inches and portable too for a desktop. There is no monitor but a multimedia keyboard and an optical mouse as well as the computer itself. It allows you to be in total control when you’re gaming and feel it all with the Alienware Command Center 3.0 that enables selecting special effects and lighting, AlienAdrenaline Game Launcher improving gaming performance with the Accelerator, controlling the resource consumption with the Performance Monitoring, AlienFX system lighting to create customised lighting to match your gaming with 8000 colour combinations and AlienFusion Access for controlling power management for anything between daily stuff and demanding games that need the maximum.

Conclusion: Alienware AX51R2-5743BK is an ultra powerful desktop computer in a small package. Everything about it is designed for giving the user the best of performance and speed in gaming, multimedia editing, internet browsing, word processing and anything you do on the computer on a day-to-day basis. It looks nice and modern, feels solid and durable being built with good quality components, comes with a good range of connectivity ports, top of the range graphics card, one of the most powerful processors, generous system memory and storage space and easy upgradeability.. You get the Cyberlink Media Suite Essentials and the trial version of Microsoft Office and not much bloatware and 12 month In-Home warranty in case you need it. So Alienware X51 is surely a good value upper class computer with the highest specs possible for how much it is priced.

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