Acer C710-2834 Review

Acer C710-2834 Review

Acer C710-2834 Chromebook
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The first thing that gets our attention on the new Acer C710-2834 is the price tag, it is extremely affordable for what it is capable of. Acer C710 looks smart, slim and modern, performs very well at any of your daily computing tasks, starts in only a few seconds, comes with the cloud-based Chrome operating system and built-in virus protection as well as all the popular Google programs installed.

Intel Celeron 1007U at 1.5 GHz (2MB L3 Cache) is the processor, RAM size 2GB DDR3 will be more than enough for running a few programs and keeping multiple browser tabs open at once and 16GB Solid State Drive- SSD will give you the speed you need. You also have the 100GB of free storing space for two years on Google Drive. Pre-installed Chrome operating system is quite user friendly- easy to use and you won't need to install anything on it. Auto backup and virus protection also come pre-installed on the Acer C710.

11.6 inch HD Widescreen CineCrystal LED-backlit Display at 1366 x 768 pixel resolution offers clear and beautiful images with also the help of Intel HD Graphics Card with 128 MB dedicated system memory. You can enjoy the crystal clear picture on your big screen HDTV or monitors through the HDMI port, VGA and 3 x USB 2.0 ports. 2 built-in stereo speakers are more than sufficient for you to enjoy your music and movies. Microphone/headphone combo allows you to connect your headphones or even better audio.

Acer C710-2834 Review
Iron gray Acer C710 2834 has a full-size Acer FineTip keyboard with a functional multi-gesture touchpad. It is thin- 1.09 inches and light- 3lbs so very portable with also its 11 inch screen to take it anywhere you want. 4-cell Lithium Ion battery gives you an easy 4 hours in average use so the battery life is quite good too to complement its portability to work without worrying battery will run out quickly.

Verdict: Overall the brand new Acer C710 2834 Chromebook is surprisingly good with a performance you would not expect from such a small and affordable machine. It looks lovely, offers decent display and sound quality, good battery life, nice keyboard and runs very fast- both in terms of the boot-up speeds and running the internet and apps. If you will use your computer mainly for the internet and do things like Word processing, preparing school assignments, listen to songs or play videos and want something light, thin and portable Acer C710 will be more than enough and you probably don't need to spend more. So go ahead and check it out on Amazon.

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