24-inch 2021 Apple iMac with Apple M1 Chip with 8‑core CPU and 7‑core GPU Review

24-inch 2021 Apple iMac with Apple M1 Chip 

2021 Apple iMac24-inch

The brand new release 2021 model Apple (iMac MJV93LL/A) has a 24-inch 4.5K Retina display, the latest Apple M1 chip that includes an 8-core CPU and a 7-core GPU, 256GB ultrafast Solid State Drive storage, 8GB unified memory and the latest MacOS Big Sur operating system.

It first became available at Amazon.com very recently on April 30, 2021. You can get this iMac with 512GB or 1TB storage and with the color options of blue, green, silver or pink. And please check the version with the 8-core GPU and more color options. The impressive 11.5mm thin 23.5-inch diagonal 4.6K Retina screen has the 4480 x 2520 pixel resolution offers an immersive experience, has the TrueTone technology, 500-nits of brightness, P3 wide color gamut and 1 billion vibrant colors.  

The 1080p FaceTime HD webcam with the M1 ISP- Image Signal Processor offers very good video and picture quality. The studio level 3-mic array allows you to record voices well and make very clear calls. The sound system is certainly better than before with the six speakers and you experience a great quality and very solid audio overall. Connectivity options include the 802.11ax WiFi 6 (compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac), Bluetooth 5.0, 2 x Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports (up to 40Gb/s) and up to 2 x USB 3 ports, 3.5mm headphone jack. It configurable with an RJ-45 connector for Gigabit Ethernet.

The 8-core CPU on the Apple M1 chip has the 4 performance and 4 efficiency cores, 16-core Neural Engine and 7-core GPU. 8GB unified memory should be mostly adequate and can be configured to 16GB unified memory. 256GB Solid State Drive is also fine for a lot of users and if you’ll be saving a lot of files you can configure it to 512GB or 1TB SSD by paying extra. The quality of the webcam on this new model is also better than the 720p webcams, which is a 1080p resolution one with a three-mic array. You’ll get the magic mouse and magic keyboard (color matched) or the magic keyboard with Touch ID.

Like we’ve seen on the new MacBook Pro and Air, this new M1 processor is equal to or better than many current i7 processors on the market. We’re talking about an 85% better performance than the Intel processors on the previous generation iMac. It can handle very demanding workflows like 2021 Apple iMac24-inch M1 chip manipulating very large images of 100 megapixels or more and exporting video projects. The 7-core GPU is also much more capable than what was used in the previous generation 21.5-inch iMacs- 50% better than the Radeon GPU of the previous generation. And it will be much easier to play the not so demanding games.

Despite the extra cooling fans and a big logic board, the brand ne 24″ iMac is much thinner than the previous iMacs. You have the Touch ID function for the first time on a Mac computer with this M1 chip, but Face ID that you see on many Windows machines is not available here. If you need to work on extreme graphics this M1 chip can be limited despite being very powerful. And you still have the 27-inch iMac with the AMD Radeon graphics card. It is not very easy to install and run Windows on this new M1 chip computer. You can, but it will not be as user-friendly as on the Intel versions.

This new 24-inch iMac has the same power as the Mac Mini at almost twice the price. And the base Mac Mini has an 8-core GPU as compared to the 7-core on the base iMac. So you have the new 2021 model 24″ iMac with the M1 processor and the older 21.5″ and 27″ iMacs will also be available for sale for the moment. But M1 is really a very good choice for this best All in One Desktop PC on the market. 2021 iMac 24″ weighs 9.89 pounds (4.46kg) and measures 18.1H x 21.5W x 5.8D inches. In the package you’ll get the 24-inch iMac with Retina 4.5K screen, magic mouse, magic keyboard, 2-meter power cord, 143-watt power adapter and USB-C to lighting cable.

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