2023 Lenovo 3i Chromebook with Celeron N4500, ‎82N4003CUS Review

2023 Lenovo 3i Chromebook with Celeron N4500  

2023 Lenovo 3i Chromebook with Celeron N4500

As reliable, cost-effective, and efficient computers for daily computing needs, Chromebooks have established a distinct niche in the laptop market. The Lenovo 3i Chromebook, which was introduced in 2023 has a 15.6″ Full HD display, 8GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and is powered by an Intel Celeron N4500 processor. It stands out among the modern Chromebooks as an appealing alternative. We’ll have a look at the Lenovo 3i Chromebook’s features, functionality, and user interface in this product review.

Design and Build Quality

The Lenovo 3i Chromebook has a stylish, contemporary appearance. It has a striking “Abyss Blue” color that lends it a sense of class. Narrow bezels surround the 15.6-inch Full HD display, giving the laptop a stylish appearance while also maximizing screen space and enabling wider viewing angles.

The Lenovo 3i has a numpad on the keyboard, which is a nice feature that makes it convenient for customers who frequently work with numbers. However, based on user feedback, not everyone will find the keyboard design to be ideal. Some people find the tiny TAB key and the off-center keypad a little unpleasant, which can slow down their typing, especially if they are used to larger keys. It’s important to note that this may not be a problem for users with smaller hands.


The Intel Celeron N4500 processor is what powers the Lenovo 3i Chromebook’s internals. This Jasper Lake series processor has dual-core CPU cores that run at speeds between 1.1 and 2.8 GHz. Despite not supporting HyperThreading, it nonetheless offers respectable performance for routine activities.

The laptop’s 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM is more than enough for efficient multitasking. You’ll have ample room for important files and apps with 64GB of eMMC storage, but users who need more capacity might want to think about cloud storage options or external devices.

The Lenovo 3i Chromebook has integrated Intel UHD Graphics for graphics, which provide adequate performance for most Chrome OS applications. This laptop is not intended for intense gaming or graphically demanding work, but it is good at what it’s meant for—everyday computing.

Chrome OS and Software

Chrome OS, a portable and secure operating system from Google, is the platform used by the Lenovo 3i Chromebook. The user interface provided by Chrome OS is ideal for those that favour web-based applications and a hassle-free experience. Chrome OS has advanced significantly in recent years. A noteworthy feature is the ability to utilise voice commands to manage your device thanks to Google Assistant integration.

Security is another area where Chrome OS excels. The Chromebook goes through a thorough security check each time it boots up to guard against infection. The laptop is kept secure against the most recent threats via routine upgrades.

Display and Audio

2023 Lenovo 3i Chromebook with Celeron N4500 8GB RAM, 64GB Storage

The Lenovo 3i Chromebook’s 15.6-inch Full HD display offers sharp, clear pictures. The screen’s thin bezels provide an immersive viewing experience. The display is excellent whether you’re viewing films, working on documents, or browsing the web.

The laptop has user-facing stereo speakers that produce powerful, clear sound in the audio sector. For users who enjoy watching and listening to music and videos on their Chromebooks, this is a benefit.

Connectivity and Ports

The Lenovo 3i Chromebook is flexible for a variety of jobs thanks to its connectivity possibilities. It has two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, one USB Type-C port, two microSD card readers, and an audio combo jack. Users can connect to a multitude of devices and peripherals, from external screens to storage devices, thanks to the ports’ versatility.

Battery Life

The outstanding battery life of the Lenovo 3i Chromebook is one of its best qualities. You can work, browse, and stream for up to 10 hours on a single charge without always worrying about locating an outlet. This makes it a great option for people that need all-day productivity but are frequently on the go.

User Experiences

Let’s look at some user feedback of the Lenovo 3i Chromebook to get a whole picture:


  1. Ample RAM: Users like the 8GB of RAM since it makes multitasking easy.
  2. Number Pad: For people who work with numbers, having a numpad on the keyboard is a plus.
  3. Vibrant Display: The Full HD screen with slim bezels provides a fantastic visual experience.
  4. Strong Battery Life: Users who are frequently on the go will appreciate the long-lasting battery.
  5. Chrome OS: Supporters praise the operating system’s ease of use and safety.


  1. Keyboard Design: The undersized TAB key and off-center keybed on some keyboards make them uncomfortable for prolonged typing sessions.
  2. Limited Storage: 64GB of storage may be adequate for certain users, but it may not be enough for others who require more space.
  3. Not for Heavy Tasks: This laptop isn’t made for laborious activities like gaming or software that requires a lot of resources.


With its 15.6-inch Full HD display, 8GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage, the Lenovo 3i Chromebook delivers an appealing solution for customers looking for an economical and effective daily laptop. Although not everyone may like the keyboard design, it is a flexible tool for web-based jobs, multimedia consumption, and general productivity. The Lenovo 3i Chromebook is a serious competitor in the Chromebook industry thanks to Chrome OS, which offers a safe and convenient environment. It may not have a lot of power, but it reliably and stylishly completes the task at hand.

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